Post Merger Integration / Saving Program


Swedish manufacturer of air filters for commercial and industrial applications, private equity background
Turnover: about 200 million €
Employees: 300


    1. Medium-sized company, emerged from the merger of three separate companies in Sweden, Great Britain and Germany
    2. Headquartered in Sweden with a multinational management from 5 European countries
    3. Different raw materials in each production
    4. Different ERP Systems
    5. Different corporate cultures
    6. Local purchasing organisations with local suppliers in each location


      • Interim acquisition of the shopping area as Purchasing Director Europe
      • Construction of an (initially) decentralised purchasing organisation under a single management
      • Implementation of a uniform reporting system
      • Representation of the supply chain in the monthly board meetings
      • Implementation of a saving program with the amount of 3.5 million €
      • Monitoring and management of additional external consulting firm


      • Merging of the European team with regular (two-week) meetings within a few weeks
      • Introduction of an Excel-based reporting system within 6 weeks
      • Extension of the suppliers pool from European level to three continents
      • Increase of the saving target from 3.5 million € to 6 million €
      • Saving the costs of external consultants and procurement consultants

      Only what pays off is good.

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