Site closure / Production Integration


Component manufacturer, family business
Turnover: 180 million €
Employees: 280


    1. Reorganisation of a medium sized devices manufacturer and reduction from 4 to 3 plants in Germany
    2. Wildly fluctuating volumes without adequate forecasts
    3. Closure of a site within 4 months due to existing contracts
    4. Lack of availability of material due to suboptimal ERP systems and their management


      • Interim adoption of the Purchasing Manager position
      • Integration of production parts in the existing production at other plants
      • Purchase-sided project management for acquisition of production components for the „marriage" between existing partial productions
      • Outsourcing of logistics
      • Outsourcing of partial production, with particular focus on quality and availability of materials
      • Optimisation of materials management


      • Renegotiation and cost reductions of existing contracts in the field of machines/capital goods by 10-15%
      • Creation of an appropriate and successfully processed project plan (project management) within 3 weeks
      • Conclusion of the logistics project within three months, at the same time costs reductions of 5%
      • Building a new supply chain between Germany, Poland and Ukraine for partial productions within 4 months
      • Reduction of current assets by 7% while increasing the availability of materials by 12%

      Only what pays off is good.

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