Klaus Peters | Seneca Vision

Professional Experience

Director CFBU Supply Chain (Interim Manager)

GLATFELTER Gernsbach GmbH & Co. KG | www.glatfelter.com

Branch: Paper

Purchasing Director (Interim Manager)

Joh. Heinr. Bornemann GmbH | www.bornemann.com

Branch: Pumps

Director After Sales Operations & Logistics Order Management (Interim)

MTU Friedrichhafen GmbH | www.tognum.com

Branch: Motors

Project Director SCM/Renovation (Interim)

Alno AG | www.alno.de

Branch: Kitchens

Head of New Market (Interim)

Branch: Services

Purchasing Manager - Purchasing Director (Interim)

HUGA Hubert Gaisendrees GmbH & Co. KG | www.huga.de

Branch: Wood Products Industry

Profitabilty Improvement Project Leader (Interim)

Geesink BV / Platinum Equity | www.platinumequity.com/GEESINKNORBA

Branch: Recycling & Disposal

Purchasing Director Europe (Interim)

Vokes-Air Group / Riverside Equity | www.riversidecompany.com

Branch: Other

Director of Supply Chain Management Europe - Head of Purchasing MAPS BU (Interim)

Cooper-Standard Automotive / The Cypress Group Equity | www.cypressgp.com

Branch: Automotive Industry

Head of Materials Management (Interim)

CompAir GmbH / Alchemy Equity | www.alchemypartners.co.uk

Branch: Machinery

Supply Chain Director (Interim)

Deutsche Präzisions-Ventil GmbH | www.pvceu.com/

Branch: Plastics Technology

Head of International Trade & Chemicals (Interim)

HPI GmbH | www.hpigmbh.com/

Branch: International Trade & Development

Lead-Buyer (Interim)

Moeller GmbH / Doughty Hanson Equity | www.doughtyhanson.com

Branch: Industrial Automation

Purchasing Manager (Interim)

Berkenhoff Group GmbH / Granville Baird Capital Partners | www.granvillebaird.eu

Branch: Metals / Processing

Head of Materials Management (Interim)

Jan Kolbe Einbaugeräte GmbH

Branch: Wholesale

Only what pays off is good.

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