Dutch manufacturer of special vehicles, private equity background
Turnover: about 200 million €
Employees: 350


    1. Takeover of the management of the programme for the EBIT increase (6 million €), which was initiated by the private equity investor „Profitability Improvement Project Leader"
    2. Heavily strained production after taking over the Swedish production unit
    3. Lack of skills in supply chain management due to significant staff turnover in the years before
    4. Lack of controlling and KPI system
    5. Strong time pressure in the international sourcing caused by contracted closing of the production site in Romania that was not implemented in the merger


      • Realisation of the underlying objective of EBIT increase by 6 million €
      • Introduction of a controlling system and KPI system for monitoring
      • Building a new supply chain for the Romanian production


      • Establishment and maintenance of cross-functional teams from all affected areas (Purchasing, Finance, R&D, Production, Controlling) to accompany the "Saving Program"
      • Introduction of an appropriate KPI system after 6 weeks
      • Plan target achievement of EBIT increase of 93% by renegotiation and international sourcing
      • Building a supply chain between Germany, Switzerland, China, Czech Republic and Ukraine for the substitution of the Romanian production with cost saving effects of 25%

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