Project Management

Successful management of projects
and EBIT-oriented multi-project management

Successful EBIT-oriented companies have an adequate multi-project management. As in all other target fields Seneca Vision / / Klaus Peters follows this line consistently as well as in the area of project management.

Here counts: only what pays off is good.

The issue of integration of such processes in the remaining business processes is crucial and therefore has to be pragmatically feasible.

  • How does effective project management work?
  • What methods are needed to select scarce resources for the right processes?

Especially corporate acquisitions often lead to extensive and complex issues. International projects are among the special challenges. We face up to these challenges!

Download: Seneca Vision Projekt Management 2.0


Only what pays off is good.

You would like to learn more about the EBIT-oriented supply chain management? We appreciate to visit you, present our services and provide you with experienced managers – from production managers to purchasing managers, sales managers and even CCROs.

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