Frankfurt | The Panthers – Next Eleven or just Vietnam and Co. – still up to date?

2010 in Frankfurt

Subject of the event:

  • Opportunities and risks of global procurement markets
  • Trends in "Global Economies"
  • Markets of the future: BRIC, "Next 11", Central and Southern Europe, new "clusters" in China and India
  • Development of a global supply chain footprint
  • Strategies for volatile procurement markets
  • Successful purchasing in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia

Presentation by Klaus Peters:

  • The Panthers – next eleven
  • What has to be considered? About political dimensions and currency risks
  • Facility search: what is available and how do I find it? Direct or network? Politically correct?
  • Internal customers: What is the opinion of the staff and customers around the headquarters?
  • TCO

Customer reviews

Dear Mr. Peters, your lecture took place at the right time. Our expanding company will soon be represented in the Asian region, your analysis has relieved us a lot of planning effort. Best regards, U. Büschel, M.I.E.

A very practical presentation on the current state and prospects of new markets, there were many interesting aspects included and carried to a logical conclusion. If you come back to Frankfurt, we would be glad to participate your presentations again! Regards, T. Grolding.

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