Munich | Purchasing | EBIT-oriented Supply Chain Management

2011 in Munich

Subject of the event:

Controlling in the buying department – cost optimisation in purchasing to secure and increase the company's success

  • From the top financial ratios to the derivation of action and alternatives
  • Creative sourcing by cross-functional thinking
  • Advertising and leading with key figures – reports, dashboards and more
  • Cost transparency as teamwork – the basis of purchasing success
  • Organisational approaches in the Cash Conversion Cycle

Presentation by Klaus Peters:

  • EBIT-oriented supply chain management – only what pays off is good
  • Cross-functional thinking and working
  • Optimisation of administration and ERP
  • Monetary thinking and acting
  • Creative sourcing
  • Adequate review by the controlling

Customer reviews

Mr. Peters, with your experience, you should fill a book! The 45 minutes of new approaches in controlling and sourcing were priceless. We hope to implement some of the considerations in our company, H. Marquardt.

Lively, fresh and imaginative: so your presentation appeared to me. Other presentations tend to end in a dry shoptalk. But not your performance in Munich: I was able to take a lot of inspiration! B. Kreier, F.I.O.

Only what pays off is good.

You would like to learn more about the EBIT-oriented supply chain management? We appreciate to visit you, present our services and provide you with experienced managers – from production managers to purchasing managers, sales managers and even CCROs.

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