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EBIT for your company


TOP 1: the EBIT-oriented supply chain management

Supply Chain Management: viewing and analysing the entire supply chain in terms of a demand from the moment of creation to delivery (from customer contact to shipping)

EBIT-oriented: consistent monetary alignment at all levels

Only what pays off is good


TOP 2: cross-functional thinking and working

Treatment and analysis of the entire supply chain in terms of a demand from the moment of creation to delivery: from customer contact to outgoing goods.

Affected are (depending on arrangement and purpose): internal sales, production planning, order management, purchasing, logistics (internal & external), etc.

Only what pays off is good


TOP 3: Administration and material management

    1. Why does everyone do what he does?
    2. Is the DP or the ERP used adequately or is it just an expensive typewriter?
    3. Are the master data correct?
    4. Is there a performance measurement system (KPI) that is informative for the business management?
    5. Is the staff's basic knowledge sufficient or are trainings needed?
    6. If the finance department involved?
      Only what pays off is good


      TOP 4: Costs and EBIT

      Truism (nodum in scirpo quaerere): Only those will save who really want to save!

        1. Are all costs identified?
        2. Does the staff know the correlation between costs and EBIT?
        3. Saving does only work with the „lawn mower principle"! Who controls the process of cost reduction and who has the necessary competencies?
        4. Does a CCRO (Chief Cost Reduction Officer) exist?
          Only what pays off is good


          TOP 5: Innovation and Sourcing

          Interdisciplinarity by implementing cross-functional teams as a leadership group of such projects: if the company's employees from all relevant functions and also suppliers and customers (if relevant) are not only involved, but try to reach their goals by own purpose, a sustainable improvement in business performance is possible. (See TOP 2 – cross functional thinking & working)

          Buying decisions have to be made according to an optimal price performance ratio. That is relevant for Bavaria or even China – the dependency of defined goals is given by the business management and KPIs.

          Only what pays off is good

          Only what pays off is good.

          You would like to learn more about the EBIT-oriented supply chain management? We appreciate to visit you, present our services and provide you with experienced managers – from production managers to purchasing managers, sales managers and even CCROs.

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