Claim Management


Wholesale of white goods, which only sells appliances under its own brand.
Turnover: about 35 million €
Employees: 85


    1. The company is medium-sized with customers in German speaking countries and France.
    2. The purchase market is strongly focused on Italy, smaller cooperations exist in Turkey, France and Slovenia.
    3. The ERP system (MBI) is used adequately in the Distribution Department, but is just practiced rudimentarily in the material economy
    4. A purchasing department in the classical sense does not exist, the responsibilities will be assumed by other departments
    5. Communication with suppliers is suboptimal, a claim management in purchasing and in the interest of the customer does not exist
    6. The shopping market in the Far East (China, Taiwan, etc.) will not be processed


      • Interim adoption of the position ,Head of Materials Management'
      • Introduction of a materials management (Purchasing, Ordering, Logistics, QM)
      • Protection and expansion of the Turkish shopping market
      • Building secure relationships with suppliers in the Far East
      • Introduction of a claim management in strict compliance with relevant causalities – in case of damage, quality defects and debt collection of financial damage that already occurred


      During the 12-month assignment the quality objectives, risks and opportunities were defined and evaluated, due to the functional, scheduling and financial expectations of the owner. Periodically carried out control measures were established in the quality plan and communicated to the project team and suppliers. Parallel to the progress of the project the achieved quality, possible risks and the project progress at defined control points (usually between and at the end of the milestones) were identified and reported to the owner.

      Damages that already occurred by quality deficiencies were calculated retrospectively for two years by a specifically employed controlling team and collected from appropriate suppliers by Seneca Vision.

      Result: an additional income of 800k € for the customer.

      At the same time price reductions of 15-20% have been realised due to aggressive price negotiations with the mainly Italian suppliers.

      Only what pays off is good.

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