Administration / Sourcing


Medium-sized enterprise with 2 production facilities (nonferrous metals), private equity background
Turnover: 110 million €
Employees: 550


    1. Medium-sized company with two production sites and worldwide customer base
    2. SAP Release Change
    3. New construction of a production site in Ningbo / China
    4. Cost explosion in commodities (nonferrous metals)
    5. Massive "overstock" in current assets
    6. Regional structure of suppliers in the field of national commodities
    7. Strong locally influenced staff structure in materials management


      • Interim adoption of the position ,Director of Central Purchasing'
      • Analysis and functionality of the customer before the release change with focus on the MM module.
      • Preparation and documentation of every step of the release changing process
      • Commercial consulting at critical stages
      • Analysis and evaluation of the data set (raw data)
      • Accompaniment of the new site's construction in China in the field of supply chain
      • Global sourcing and internal monitoring in the technical approval of new sources of non-ferrous metals with the goal of increasing the supplying security
      • Reduction of current assets by optimisation of materials management / ordering system
      • Internationalisation of the supply base and supplier structure


      • Completion of SAP Release Change and commissioning of the MM module without malfunctions about 6 months before all other modules. Foundation for this is the addition of the complete master data, enforced and implemented by the central shopping area.
      • Safe production start with only a few technical related interruptions in China after eight months
      • Admission of seven new raw material suppliers on a global basis (Europe / Asia / Africa)
      • Reduction of working capital by 15%
      • Increase of language skills with appropriate cross-cultural skills of the shopping area on 3 foreign languages and 5 nationalities by training new hires.

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